Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pet Parade Still On Today

There is a pet parade that is still going on today. If you go here you can watch the parade and even join in if you want to. Sorry but I don't know how to do the fancy links so I just paste in the location. I guess that's something I need to learn how to do.

Anyways... They want you to post and link pictures of your pets or a story about them.

So I did this quick sketch of one of my cat's (Mako) this morning. And I discovered that a napping cat will change positions 6-10 times in the space of 15 to 20 minutes, which is the length of time I was working on this sketch. I guess they are always on alert for sounds and things and he actually got up before I had a chance to really finish the sketch.
Early Morning Naptime (5x9, pencil sketch)

The nap in the drawing was taking place at 7AM. I only got up at 6. Not sure when he got up but I know he was awake at 5AM because he tried to get me to get up and feed him his breakfast then.

Cats are amazing creatures and mine are very sweet and friendly cats who really like to spend time with us. And are usually hanging pretty close even if they are napping. The exception to the sleep around people rule is that if we stay up too late then Mako will just go to bed alone and pass out for the night until he hears the food bag rattling and then he'll get up to eat and go back to bed.

This is Mako sleeping on his favourite fake leather reclining swivel chair. He is fake sleeping right now though and trying to ignore that I am taking his picture.

This is Bandit in one of his two favourite napping spots. The back of the couch. He is also fake sleeping and pretending to ignore me while I take the picture of him.
Hope you like my contribution to the Pet Parade and hope you decide to join in.


elk said...

your two boys are resting so beautifully in the photos and the sketch is a real happy to have these beautiful creatures along for our march thru blogland...we are lucky humans!!

spread your wings said...

those are very sweet kitties. so pretty. i love that you did a sketch just for the parade.
so glad that you visited me. now i have found you and I know I'll be back. I like your page and see there is lots to explore here.

Gayle said...

Wow! Lori, that sketch is amazing. That only took you 15-20 minutes? Very cool! Mako and Bandit are so pretty!

Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

I hope your day is going well!

DesignTies said...

Your sketch is great!! I really envy people who have the talent to draw, especially animals and humans -- I think they're much harder to draw than anything else.

So cute that your kitties are pretending to sleep :-) Such hams, knowing that you're there with the camera and ignoring you!!!

Thanks for visiting my Pet Parade post :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Jean M Fogle said...

I just love watching cats sleep and they do sleep a lot!
YOur sketch is wonderful, I would love to be able to draw, I just have to stick to the camera!

sunnymama said...

What gorgeous cats! They look so perfectly comfortable and relaxed sleeping peacefully. I love your sketch too.


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