Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Pair of Rhododendrons

These were done for the Virtual Sketch Date challenge for April. It was a Rhododendron bud image. What a lovely flower and what a striking bud.

I started with this pencil drawing to look at the shading and draw in a way that I'm comfortable and happy with.

The Objet-D'art blog has a challenge this week to use colours and I just got some new pencils so I want to so something more with these sketches.
And that's why I did this line drawing. To use as the basis for something more. Just hope that I can make something work with my new "crayons". Inksential pencils from Derwent - really cool - they do regular drawing as well as washes. I've just played with moving the colours so far but I want to try them in a drawing and this one is going to be one of the ones that I try them out on.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

you did a fantastic job..
xoxo nita

illy-doll said...

These are really cool :)

But do you mean Inktense Derwent pencils?
Yesterday I went looking for a new set of watercolour pencils as the ones I had weren't very good (I mean, the wood the "lead" was incased in was splitting down the side and everything!), and I went over to the Derwent section and saw the Inktense and didn't really know what they were. I got their watercolour pencils instead and it was at the checkouts that I found out what they were. Damn.

Lori Forester said...

Yes I made a mistake. They are inktense. I used them today and wow!!! I love them so far. My watercolour pencils that I have are not as nice as these ones are. They are OK. Not sure if it is a quality thing (my watercolour pencils aren't Derwent) or if the Inktense pencils are really really different. The colours will blend with each other in so many different ways and when you draw with a wet pencil the colour is soooo intense. Bit pricey but then they are art pencils right? - I'm saving up for more colours.


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