Friday, July 3, 2009

A Poem

Cheeks was the theme over at IMT today, well yesterday I guess. A poem sort of popped into my head. Here it is:


Soft, round cheeks
Precious baby fat
Mama’s gentle touch
Learning to make sound

Freckled, fun cheeks
Six year old surprise
Daddy’s whisker rubs
Playing in the sun

Make-up, pimples, cheeks
Sweet sixteen desires
Monumental blush
Persuading dimples

Smooth, refined cheeks
Mother, wife, daughter
Pastry flour smudged
Navigating mines, falling way behind and trying to be kind

Wrinkled, worn cheeks
Velvet textured smile
The purple hat club
Weathering the storm

Hope you like it. The topic just made me think about how our cheeks change as we grow older. From something smooth and soft like a baby's cheeks to our Dad's that used o give us whisker rubs, to the first bit of a woman trying to get out of a pimply face as a teenager to the grown woman that is trying to be everything for everyone to the older gal with the velvety feeling cheeks that has been through it all. The thing to me about this was the physical feeling of the cheeks at different ages and trying to combine it with the emotional feelings you' might have at those different ages. Not sure how I did. Some of it's good but some of it needs a bit of work. First one I've written since high school not counting song lyrics which are a different sort of bird altogether.


June said...

I like it!
I like the direct simplicity of the images you evoke.

And since you are a veterinarian, I like YOU. Vets are held in my highest esteem.

kt said...

I got it--the imagery is really very good. I wasn't sure about the Dad's whiskered cheeks at first -- I thought you were staying with the baby's cheeks so it sort of threw me at first.I do like it very much--I'm somewhere after the 16ish ones but before the wrinkled velvet--LOL

soulbrush said...

very very good indeed.

Annette Q said...

Oh, how very sweet:-)


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