Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer's Gifts

Summer's Gifts (12x18, chalk pastel)

For the challenge this week at DSFDF, Karin Jurick offered us a photo of some summer vegetables. It was a terrific challenge and I loved painting them. The lighting was spectacular and that is what made it such fun to paint.

The challenge I gave myself was to try and portray the different textures - the onion, tomato and then corn in husks. I think I managed to meet my own challenge. The thing I'm trying to learn is to draw what I see and not what I think should be there. No assumptions - just look at the light and shadow and colours and draw what I see with no preconceived notions.

Wish I hadn't taken so long to do this drawing but I did it.


Sonia said...

Hi Lori! You have an amazing talent and your art works are stunning! I identify myself so much with you when I read "I am an artist trapped in a veterinarian´s body"! I also have a left brained profession but had always loved dance, music, art in general, and just discovered I could draw last November... Life is sometimes very odd! :)

Lesley Spanos said...

Great texture on those tomatoes!

I love the opening line of your mini-bio!

dominique eichi said...

You did a wonderful challenge for DSFDF.


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