Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chalk Sketching

These are two chalk sketches I did tonight. The top one is a rough sketch inpsired by Dana Marie's photo of lupins from Inspiration All Around Us and the second is for the Virtual Paintout which is in Florence for June. I'm not sure how either one of these may turn out. The bottom one may be too small and the top one may be too large and I'm worried about being able to get the lighting right on the lupins but... Guess I'll give them a whirl.
Just realised I have to go buy more paper tomorrow morning - almost out of black - just one sheet left.


Sonia said...

Lori, with this start I am sure they will turn out marvelous art pieces! Looking forward to see both of them finished! :)

Lori Forester said...

Thanks Sonia.


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