Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes Life Sucks

Today started out great. It was sunny after pouring rain all day yesterday. I had the day off and I was going to go out with my DB's sister Tammy to do a craft class at my friend Pat's house. DB, Donnie was going to baby sit Tammy's two kids so we were all set. We got the kids set up to do crafts here - think lots of acrylic paint, paint bushes, fun foam and water. Also lots of newspaper covering the table. They were all set. Nascar was on so he was all set. It was perfect. We got there, we did two of three projects and my pager went off. No biggie really - I was on call after all. But the nasty part was the lady who paged me had a dog who had been hit by a car and three other veterinarians that were closer to her than I was REFUSED to see her dog for various reasons, one being because they were at a hockey game. If you're on call you shouldn't be at a hockey game or you should at least be willing to leave the game to do your job. So we went and met with the client and her poor little dog was in shock and had a fractured and separated pelvis. Pain meds and IV fluids for support and 4 hours later I thought she was stable enough to leave and take Tammy home. Her owners knew that her status was critical and that she would not be watched 24/7 - we don't have ICU - and they couldn't afford to take her where there was ICU care. I came back after I brought Tammy home and found her dead. She had died in her sleep and there hadn't been any struggle so at least she was not in pain but I feel so terrible because she was alone when she died and no one should die alone. I called her owner and told her what had happened and she is coming to pick up the little dog tomorrow to take her home to bury her. But after I got off the phone I just sat and cried for that lady and her little dog. I was angry that no one would see them but me and that they had had to drive so far to get help. She likely would not have survived anyways but being treated for shock right away rather than after almost an hour of driving and who knows how long negotiating for care may have saved her life. I left a note for the morning staff to let them know what was going on and ended it off with sometimes this job sucks, because sometimes it does and there's nothing you can do to help someone who needs you. All I can do is pray that God will help them all get through this.

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