Friday, October 31, 2008

Jack O'Lantern - A Portrait Of An Irish Gentleman

Happy Halloween!

This is a block print coloured with pencil crayon that I did in honour of tonight! It was done as part of a collage class I am taking from Bonnie McQuillan at the Village School of Art in Osgoode.

Bonnie is an awesome teacher and always lets me work really freely. This technique involves making a stamp for block printing by drawing with pencil on fun foam and then using acrylic paint to make the print on cardstock. Then the image was coloured with pencil crayons and the stars were added with metallic pen.

This was the first drawing I made that night in the limited amount of time I have to go to the class on Thursday night after work. I never coloured him in class, I worked on him after I got home and decided his name was Jack O'Lantern. The suit was so that it would look like a formal portrait but of course that is the irony because it is so not formal at all given the looseness of the technique I was using.

I am just thrilled with this technique and have done several other pieces with this technique and slight variances of the technique which I'll try and post later on as I get them completed.

"Jack O'Lantern - Portrait Of An Irish Gentleman" 4x6 paint and pencil on cardstock.

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