Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Do It

One of the things I need to overcome with my art is the fear of it not looking good and accept that not everyone creates the same way. I also need to overcome a lack of motivation. And part of that is tryng to do something artisitic every day if possible. That isn't always possible but I want to try. Sometimes and especially lately I've been making my cards (and not posting them here) but I've been toying with the idea of doing some watercolouring and block printing again. My friend Glenda told me that I should try some watercolouring other than on cards and my other friend Sophie just told me to stop being afraid and basically just suck it up and do it. Those aren't her words they are my translation of a much more encouraging email.

But I need to take baby steps and start again with something I'm more comfortable with - like black and white and shades of grey and sketching.

So today I decided to just do a sketch and work from there. I need to start to with a drawing to watercolour anyways and so I decided on a tree frog for some reason. Somewhere around home I have photos I took of a local tree frog on our glass window one night in the dark but I can't find them right now so I sourced a photo on the internet and used that as inspiration for my sketching. The top sketch of the entore frog is the first one I did and was all I really intended to do. The lower one in the right corner was my second sketch. It just sort of happened and adapted and morphed into what you see. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Now the next step will be to put the image onto a piece of watercolour paper and then see what I can do with it. Also I'd like to try block printing this little guy which is more inside the comfort zone. But either way I'll have to translate him into a line drawing.

Maybe tongight after work or maybe tomorrow I'll do that.

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Glenda Mosher said...

Great tree frogs Lori! Way to get to it! Play, doodle, make a mess, keep creating. You are a fount of creativity girl!!!


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